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Sep. 9th, 2013

I have been away from here for a long time. Got into Tumblr. Now thats the new obsession.

Dec. 31st, 2012

Happy New 2013 to everyone. May you have a wonderful and joyous year ahead.


Long time no see...

I realized I have not posted anything for a long time...

Very busy in RL now..have not even time to read so many of the big bang fics...just keep bookmarking them...

In the next 2 weeks, all my fav tv shows will start...but will miss White Collar though...Why can they just produce a full season with 22-24 episodes rather than do it in Summer/Winter between seasons...

'Go on' is interesting...will continue to watch it...but 'Baby Daddy' was a waste of time...they didnt even have the baby more than some seconds in each episode..

Love the new tag system of LJ...I always had problems selecting the tags in certain communities...

Long weekend

First long weekend of the confusing! already spent 1 day just lounging around..have to do some work tomorrow

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Dec. 31st, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 was awful. I just hope 2012 will be happy for me.


Writer's Block: Career paths

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
I would be: A travel writer/critic or a fiction novelist

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Christmas. For religious reasons.

Merlin 4X11


Dec. 5th, 2011

Started watching Rizzoli & Isles last weekend and now am up to date on it. Liking this show bit more than other crime/police shows am watching. Especially the characters. Gotta find more shows with female characters in good leading roles.

BAD Internet Laws Heading Your Way

Originally posted by write_light at BAD Internet Laws Heading Your Way

From the flist: 

Spread the word, even you're not a US citizen, it is important for everyone!! It easy to do and it can change everything. More info by clicking on the banner.

Website Blocking

The government can order service providers to block websites for infringing links posted by any users.

Risk of Jail for Ordinary Users

It becomes a felony with a potential 5 year sentence to stream a copyrighted work that would cost more than $2,500 to license, even if you are a totally noncommercial user, e.g. singing a pop song on Facebook.

Chaos for the Internet

Thousands of sites that are legal under the DMCA would face new legal threats. People trying to keep the internet more secure wouldn't be able to rely on the integrity of the DNS system.

Read this analysis from

Get on the phone and call your representative. Express your disapproval. Tell him or her exactly how you feel, and that you don't support this. Tell your friends to call their representatives, their Congressperson, and complain. Mention that you are a registered voter that takes your civic responsibility seriously and that you will use that vote to express your feelings about this.

“We support the bill’s stated goals — providing additional enforcement tools to combat foreign ‘rogue’ websites that are dedicated to copyright infringement or counterfeiting,” the Internet companies wrote in Tuesday’s letter. “Unfortunately, the bills as drafted would expose law-abiding U.S. Internet and technology companies to new uncertain liabilities, private rights of action and technology mandates that would require monitoring of websites.”  The chamber-led coalition in support of the bill includes Walmart, Eli Lilly & Co. and Netflix.

Google and other opponents of the legislation argue that restricting the Internet in the U.S. sets a bad international precedent and that the language defines infringing too broadly.


Nov. 1st, 2011

This week so far!

Sunday: Won first prize (a gift card for a mall) in a scavenger hunt, will go shopping this weekend!!!

Monday: Got a surprise free lunch for Halloween
              And a great Castle episode...loved it!

Tuesday: Loved the NCIS episode....laughing so hard... made my house mate think I am crazy

If only my school part of life would also go well.....


Aug. 11th, 2011

Why is it that I am able to read my Inbox, but not my Friends page...What's going on LJ??

And also able to post this...

bookmark trouble

Oh, I am so angry at the Yahoo and Google. (Don't believe the icon)

Since morning (8 ish) I have been working on my bookmarks. I had exported them to a html file. But I thought I will brush up the tags, delete some, change a couple and tag the untagged bookmarks. Just as I finished the last bookmark, I was going to export it again and they all just disappear!

Are they not supposed to warn us, before deleting all bookmarks? I can still see them on the Sidebar, but not on the Del website.

I tried Google bookmarks, I already had some 500 bookmarks (no fanfics), some 3 years old, in them . I had forgotten about them. They would not delete at all. Everything is going wrong today. I would check the boxes, press 'delete' and the boxes just un-check. I finally had to do a full delete on them, all together. And then I could not import the the html file. The toolbar has no option for importing bookmarks. I just removed the toolbar.

Now I am trying Diigo. I have pressed the 'import' and its saying it will take some time. Just hope it finishes by evening. Is it supposed to take such a long time to import?

I had just deleted all my story favourites from and bookmarked them last week. Also moved my LJ 'memories'. So all my fanfics were bookmarked on Delicious. Over a 1000.... :(

This just means I will have to save a bookmark twice in two different places from now on.


moving back home

Moving back home. Have been away for more than three years with only one visit. Leaving UK. Cant believe I am going to miss the chips, fried chicken, cold and wet climate or cold and sunny climate.....

Soooo tiring to pack up 3 years of stuff....

Of course I will get back to 3 full home-cooked meals and TV and hot climate

And there will be slow less fanfiction to read


Sep. 20th, 2010

Its Monday..but will have to wait till Tues morning to see Castle and House premiere...more excited about House...also the Warehouse 13 finale...

Maybe i will try to see House Live stream, but others will have to wait till morning...:(

So so so excited....

Sep. 15th, 2010

Finally something to watch...Merlin....

Still 1 more week to go before other shows start.....had spent a lot of time between April to August watching many TV shows...will have to coordinate somehow when all start together next week....

Also spent the time reading lot of fanfics, so now have to wait for bigbang to be over...feels like have read all the good ones available......

Jul. 16th, 2010

Wish...they could put some trailer for Merlin...its been soooooo loooong!!!! What are the BBC waitng for?


Jul. 16th, 2010

Thank god there is something to watch till sept...talking about White Collar....just loved Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke....cant wait for more deceptions and cons..;)

May. 13th, 2010

Saw House....brilliant...cant wait for the finale......House is getting better...


May. 8th, 2010

its saturday and i have to go to work......cant make myself leave the bed


May. 7th, 2010

Finally decided to do something about my profile....changed theme.....

will try to write something every now and then.....though will be mostly using to read Merlin fics.....